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Lashan Goodwin is a budding icon in the fashion industry boasting a unique sense of style and class. However, her origins remain ever so humble. Lashan was born and raised in Northern California where she developed her passion for designing by being the first point of contact when dressing family and friends attending elegant events. It wasn’t long after that this passion blossomed into an unquenchable desire for design, taking the form of her first fashion line, L by Lashan launched in 2009.

This move was possible after working in the retail industry for numerous designers and large retail companies. After doing so, for a few years, she began to design and challenged herself not just to create garments that covered the body, but that which represented the personality and the soul of its wearer. This led to the development of her reputation for having a unique sense of fashion and led to the birth of a new brand, Noire Papillon.

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Noire Papillon has arguably been the most renowned brand in Goodwin’s fashion career so far. Launched a few years after L by Lashan, Noire Papillon conceptualizes and brings to life flirty couture that embodies class and sophistication with an urban chic approach. Now commanding the attention of major international high fashion magazines such as Vogue, Tatler, In style, Brides and Conde Nast Traveller and establishing an auspicious rapport with numerous celebrity clients, Noire Papillon has continued to produce carefully constructed pieces with quality fabrics that accentuate a woman’s body and provide absolute expression of oneself and those with a deep passion for beautiful things.

Courtesy of it sophisticated and show stopping reputation, Noire Papillon has graced the runways of NYFW, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Las Vegas Fashion Week and Atlanta Fashion Week. Much like her life, Goodwin’s fashion tells a tale of self, reflecting one’s personality and style. Her life has taken on many interactions of her fashion and creative prowess in the form of L by Lashan, Very Conceited and most recently, Noire Papillon. Now her primary brand, Goodwin’s Noire Papillon representative of the black butterfly, is the latest in her line of innovative and immersive fashion. Symbolizing metamorphosis and evolution, Noire Papillon continues to embody the soul of its predecessors, delivering the dynamic, bold, elegant and authentic elements which are consistent with Goodwin’s design.

Lashan Goodwin

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